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Adelaide, South Australia

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About A Licence to Chill


Offering a 7 day service to events, domestic and commercial

We cater for Parties, Events and more.

Family owned and operated

We at A Licence To Chill wish to inform all our customers that we are operating as normal during these tough times.

All our fridges and freezers have always been cleaned with predominately isopropyl alcohol mixed with pure water solution to insure you the customer gets the cleanest fridge/freezer possible at all times.

Since COVID-19, we have continued our high standard of cleaning for all our products. All care has been taken to deliver our product to the same standards as well.
Emergency Hire and Breakdowns
Jeff Tennant (24/7)

A Licence to Chill will endevour to assist you in any possible way.
Our Display Fridges & Freezers
  • Modern reliable equipment using R134A "Ozone Friendly" refrigerants
  • Pressure cleaned, checked and sanitized after every use
  • Temperature setting to meet "FoodSafe" standards or to your requirements
Hiring Rates
For a weekend party or function the refrigerator/freezer would be delivered on a Friday and collected on Monday.
This does depend on security at the venue and your special requirements.
We are here to supply you a service so will always assist with special requirements and delivery times.
Fridges Week End
Extra Day Weekly Rate Long Term
 (Up to 3 days) 
Single Door Display Fridge$180.00$20.00$250.00POA
Double Door Display Fridge$220.00$20.00$300.00POA
Preparation Fridge** NEW **$180.00$20.00$250.00POA
Double Door Display Freezer$220.00$20.00$300.00POA
After Hours Collection Service - fee's will apply - POA
What you need to know
Measurements of Single-Door Fridges (in millimetres)
Option 1
2000 mm
840 mm
700 mm
660 L
Option 2
2000 mm
620 mm
620 mm
330 L
Measurements of Double-Door Fridges (in millimetres)
1960 mm
1200 mm
790 mm
1000 L
** NEW ** Measurements of Preparation Fridges (in millimetres)
340 mm
1225 mm
760 mm
405 L
Measurements of Freezers (in millimetres)
Freezer #1
2080 mm (NB* higher than standard door-way)
1480 mm
840 mm (NB* wider than standard door-way)
1200 L
Freezer #2
2000 mm
1340 mm
810 mm (NB* check with your access)
1200 L
What we need to know to assist you
  • The surface and condition of driveways
  • The height of doors and carports
  • How far away the power supply will be from the fridge location
  • Security situation at your venue and if you require a lock for the fridge doors
  • Are there any steps to be negotiated?
  • Any special temperature requirements
A delivery fee will apply for locations outside of the metropolitan area.

This will be negotiated at time of enquiry/quote.
Hire Agreement
Notes to Customers
  1. The equipment (Double Door Display Fridge/Freezer) is to be used and stored at the location written into the hire agreement.
    The Double Door Display Fridge/Freezer will not be transported to another location that is not written into the hire agreement.
    The location will be a commercial or private secured property that can provide security for the Double Door Display Fridge/Freezer.
  2. The 2 door display fridge/freezer remains the responsibility of the customer while at the location written into the hire agreement and during the hire period stated on the hire agreement.
  3. Interpretation of Words in this Agreement
    CHARGES - All amounts listed in the contract.
    COMMENCEMENT - The date on the front page or the time of delivery of the equipment to the customer.
    EQUIPMENT - The equipment hired to the customer.
    HIRE PERIOD - The period from commencement until equipment is returned to "A Licence to Chill".
    NOTE TO CUSTOMER: You are responsible for the equipment until it is back in the possession of "A Licence to Chill".
  4. A Licence to Chill Obligations
    A Licence to Chill will:
    1. Allow the customer to use the equipment until it is due for collection.
    2. Provide the equipment to the customer clean and in good working order.
    3. Is reponsible for repairing any damage to the equipment caused by the ordinary use of the equipment.
  5. Payment by the Customer to A Licence to Chill
    1. On or before commencement (or as provided in the customer's credit application with A Licence to Chill), the customer will pay the Hire Fees as agreed.
    2. All costs incurred in cleaning the equipment.
    3. NOTE TO CUSTOMER: You are responsible for lost or theft of the equipment.
    4. All costs of repairing any damage to the equipment caused by negligence of the customer.
    5. The costs of repairing any damage to the equipment caused by vandalism, or (in A Licence to Chill reasonable opinion) in any way whatsoever other than the ordinary use of the equipment by the customer.
    6. A late payment fee calculated at 15% per month on all unpaid charges.
  6. Return of Equipment by the Customer to A Licence to Chill
    Return the equipment to A Licence to Chill clean and in good repair:
    1. Satisfy itself at commencement that the equipment is suitable for its purpose.
    2. All costs incurred in cleaning the equipment.
    3. Operate the equipment safely, strictly in accordance with the law, only for its intended use, and in accordance with any manufacturer's instructions whether supplied by A Licence to Chill or posted on the equipment.
  7. The Customer WILL NOT
    1. Lose possession of the equipment.
    2. Damage or attempt to repair the equipment or tamper with the signage or exterior of the equipment.
    3. Transport or move the equipment; only an authorised employee of A Licence to Chill will carry out such duties.
  8. The Customer WILL
    1. Remove all items/stock from the equipment before it is to be collected or will be charged a cleaning fee.
    2. Notify A Licence to Chill of any malfunction of the equipment during the time of hiring and at such time a A Licence to Chill representative will arrange repairs or replacement.
  9. Customer not to claim damages
    The customer cannot recover from A Licence to Chill compensation for any damages (including for consequential loss) arising in respect of this hire agreement of the hiring or the use of the equipment
  10. Breach of Hire Agreement by Customer
    If the customer breaches any clause whatsoever of the agreement, or becomes bankrupt, insolvent or ceases business, then:
    A Licence to Chill shall be entitled to
    • Terminate this agreement and/or
    • Sue for recovery of the charges, and/or
    • Reposess the equipment (and is authorised to enter the customer's premises to do so).

      The customer must pay for any repairs to the equipment despite clause 4.3
  11. Breach of Hire Agreement by Customer
    If a dispute arises relating to this agreement, the hiring or the use of the equipment (except in regard to the payment of charges), the parties agree to negotiate to settle the dispute with assistance of the Hire and Rent Association of Australia before litigation.